Sunday, June 19, 2022

Fuck Canada Day. Madrid, here I come.

Given the potential utter asshattery of Canada Day in Ottawa wherein people who are total losers in every conceivable aspect of their lives (you know ... like David Menzies) are threatening to invade and have their trucks towed away again, I will be far, far away in a sane country, partaking of the native cuisine in every possible way.

Significantly, I already have a reservation at what is allegedly the oldest restaurant in the world -- Restaurant Botin, where one of the specialties is the roast suckling pig:

This will be preceded by an 8-hour layover at Pearson in Toronto, which will be somewhat ameliorated by it being spent in the Air Canada Signature Suite, where I will force myself to subsist on the decidedly sub-standard fare available:

Enjoy your hots tubs and bouncy castles, peasants. And, yes, Spain has gin. Like you had to ask.

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Purple library guy said...

Let us know if they do the plate thing. I had roast suckling pig in Segovia one time, and they brought out the pig, and they took a plate, and they used THAT to carve off legs and stuff--like, it was so tender they didn't need a knife. They just slammed down the plate, ka-CHUNK! and they had a leg of pig. OMG it was to die for.

There is actually quite a bit of Spanish food that ain't so great, but that was awesome.