Tuesday, June 21, 2022

And already a best-seller, you say?

Unsurprisingly, Rebel News gushingly promotes a piece of literary swill by creepy loonbat Derek Smith entitled "How the Prime Minister Stole Freedom":

I look forward to Smith's subsequent potboilers, "Lock Him Up!" and "Nothing That a Bullet Couldn't Fix".


Anonymous said...

I used to wonder how the truly wretched pustules of anti-culture self-published by the Rebel "writers" and their network managed to achieve apparently legitimate "#1 Best Seller At Amazon" status. Andrew Lawton's "insider account" of the trucker's convoy currently boasts that distinction, and it hasn't even been published yet. However, it was explained to me by an editor friend who helps writers prepare their work for self-publication.
How to have a best seller:
- seek out a category with no other recent publications. Lawton's #1 best seller is in the category "Politics in Government"; the #2 book in that category is an East Indian edition of "The Constitution of Canada", at $1.32, published in 2020. So...not a lot of competition for that number one slot.
- Buy a ton of copies to ensure a huge initial spike. This works best if you work for a right wing video group blog like the Rebel or TN, which can make the initial purchase, write it off as a marketing expense, then sell the books through their site (or give them away as promo, prizes, or whatever.)
This spike in rankings obviously lasts until the next publication enters the category - usually a week or so later. Doesn't matter - the author can still claim a #1 Best Seller.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, hatred directed towards Trudeau - it had to be put in the fiction section.

The intro is amusing as they acknowledge that they are borrowing from Dr. Seuss...

Other book by Derek Smith: "Let's go Brandon"

One gets the feeling that Mr. Smith only knows hate and right-wing idiocy.

"In the city of Ottawa on Parliament Hill, the Canadian Government debate and pass bills. Every person in Canada liked freedom alot"
A lot is TWO words, this is indicative of the level of quality of these numbnuts if when they misspell something so simple.

The negative reviews are spot on.