Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Anonymous said...

Great new clip up at the Rebel wherein Ezra wanders around a huge, sterile, empty cubicle-jammed office (the sort of place you associate with telemarketers or really low budget NGOs, but completely empty except for desks and dividers), and introduces the uncomfortable, squirmy, inarticulate Rebel "news team" of kids, none of whom have a scintilla of energy, charisma, or (as is evident from their catastrophic decline in quality over the last year) talent.
Ez, you'd be well advised to extract a little more money from the Democracy Fund, and get some "interns" with a little spark and creativity.
I assume part of your cash flow comes from fees you charge to the grant/contribution for "training and mentorship". It's a great cash grab, to be sure but honestly...watching this video I was astonished at the spectacle of the "Rebel Commander", a "broadcast veteran", who still doesn't know how to use a handheld microphone in a two person interview. I really hope you're not passing on those bad habits.