Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Yup, I called it ... Tamara Lich might be going back to jail.

It was over a week ago that I (along with others) pointed out that lunatic white nationalist and professional grifter Tamara Lich clearly violated her bail conditions.

Oh, look ... from just yesterday:

Cue the shrieking about fascism. Or censorship. Or Communism. Anything but Lich violating her bail conditions.

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, Lord, the dishonesty:

No, Lich was not arrested for criticizing the government; she was arrested for breaching her explicit and unequivocal bail conditions. What part of that is so difficult to comprehend?

P.S. More of Ezra's lies:

AFTERTHOUGHT: Does anyone else think this is all deliberate, so that Lich can once again play the victim and grift another truckload of cash from decidedly gullible and brain-damaged supporters?


Anonymous said...

Lich voluntarily agreed to obey her bail conditions and signed an undertaking to that effect. So did her sureties, who are now at risk of losing the money they pledged. She obviously doesn't GAF about others, including her husband who's one of her sureties. The dark triad traits are strong in this one.

Anonymous said...

They might lose the money, but as CC pointed out, it's just as likely they'd attempt to get the money back through a fundraiser or five. They've already shown themselves to be shameless grifters. Why stop now?

Anonymous said...

Courts take a dim view of silly bail games. The first time around Lich was entitled to bail unless the Crown could establish a good reason to deny it. But now the onus flips and Lich stays locked up unless she can convince the court to release her. She may be able grift up a wad of cash, but chances are she'll be doing it from a jail cell. Grifting's not as easy without phone and internet.