Monday, June 20, 2022

Tamara Lich needs to go back to jail.

So what were those bail conditions again?

Sorry, what was the part about people she was to have no contact with?


Can we put that treasonous, white nationalist Nazi twatwaffle back in jail now?


Anonymous said...

Yet another undistinguished mediocrity learns there’s a good living to be made by marketing yourself as a professional martyr to the Rebel set.

Anonymous said...

We have been too tolerant of the intolerants.

Of course Conservative encourage this anarchy for some reason.

Fuck them all.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to live in the new and sovereign state of Alberta, whose governance will no doubt reflect the philosophy espoused by Sheila Gunn Reid and the other intellectuals at the Rebel.
- No policeman or peace officer is obliged to enforce any law they personally disagree with; in fact, it's immoral of them to do so.
- No-one is obliged to follow any law or regulation if their God tells them they don't have to. Their theology need not be endorsed by scripture, or shared by anyone else of their religion - if they're convinced they're doing God's will, then they're off the hook.
- No regulations or legislation shall be drafted by "unelected" civil servants.

Can't wait to see how that all works out in practice.

Anonymous said...

I'm not at all surprised that Lich seems to be breaching her bail conditions. It's a basic tenet of conservatism that rules don't apply to them. That's why their leadership races always come down to selecting the biggest and most brazen cheater, liar and con artist. If the law does come down on Lich, it'll be just another opportunity to claim victimhood and fundraise off it.

Anonymous said...

Silly fool anon 1:23. They always provide plenty of "proof" that democracy is not working right now and we will have a monarchy with Queen Tamar in charge. Queen Tamar will be a benevolent ruler to all to swear their loyalty. For the others, newly appointed headsman PP will operate the Peace Tower guillotine with a zeal normally reserved for people wanting to buy some bullcoin from him.