Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Ezra Levant's mortgage: How's that working out?

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a piece wondering about the progress of Ezra Levant's crowdfunding to buy his own office building, after Ezra was (allegedly) turned down for a mortgage because he was a conservative. As you can see from that piece, at the time, the crowdfunder had collected 68% of the goal of 1,000 donations.

Interestingly, if one pops over to that fundraising page here, that status is unchanged -- still 68% -- suggesting that maybe, just maybe, some people are beginning to suffer from Ezra Begging Bowl Fatigue, being asked in every single piece published at Rebel News to open their wallets and subsidize Ezra's studio, or video equipment, or overseas travel, or constitutional lawsuits, or real estate holdings, or whatever. Which inspires the obvious question:

How's that office building purchase coming along?

Seriously, given that Ezra very explicitly claimed that he was raising money for the purchase of a building, if that's not happening, then where is all that cash going? Surely that is not an unreasonable question to ask. And if anyone knows anything more about that story, well, that's what the comments section is for.


MgS said...

More notable is the _number_ of donations is being tracked, not the amount. Yet another way that Ezra goes about carefully misinforming the public - it doesn’t tell us how much has been donated, but how many people have donated - for all we know it could be a bunch of $10 donations … which wouldn’t even cover the legal costs involved.

Anonymous said...

Check out their current directors, as per their CRA filing. The lunatics have been handed the key to the asylum.

I wonder if these kids understand the nature of their own personal liability as Directors should any dubious funding, revenue reporting, taxation, or other issues arise. I note that Ezra is not a "Director"; very wise, since it's the Directors left holding the bag when the shit hits the fan, not the shareholder.