Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Rebel News' David Menzies "arrested?" Eh, not so much.

Having shrieked hysterically and inconsolably about how pathetic doofus David Menzies was "arrested" in Montreal, Rebel News' Ezra Levant is apparently back-pedaling furiously from this claim as it becomes apparent that Menzies was never "arrested" -- he was simply detained, tossed in the back of a cop car to cool off, then unceremoniously dumped out later.

While this hysterically amusing YouTube video clearly insists that Menzies was "arrested":

the claim of Menzies' "arrest" seems hard to come by at Rebel News itself, apparently because it simply never happened, but that will not stop Ezra from sending out trailer park arm candy Sheila Gunn Reid with her trusty chicken bucket to fleece the rubes once again:

JUST TO MAKE IT CLEAR, here's Ezra howling about how everyone needs to send him eleventy skillion dollars to rescue David "The Menses" Menzies:

even as he admits Menzies was, in fact, released:

But why let a perfectly good ragegasm go to waste without trying to monetize the shit out of it?


Brian Busby said...

I expect that as with all reputable news sources, a correction will be issued.

Any day now...

Anonymous said...

Ezra and Dave like to use the word in its non-legal sense, as in ‘arrested motion’. With enough exclamation points, it conveys a sufficiently incorrect impression.
Sort of like the way they use words like “war”, as in “WAR ON YOUR GOD-GIVEN CHARTER-PROTECTED CIVIL LIBERTIES AND FREEDOM!!”, as a synonym for ‘public health guidelines’.

Foog said...

What slays me about this idiocy is that you can clearly see on the video that Menzies actually shoved a cop. If he were a BLM protester or anyone else protesting something actually worth protesting, he would have had a dozen cops beat the shit out of him and cuff him within 0.3 seconds of that.