Thursday, April 15, 2021


Rebel News, who at no time expressed the slightest concern over former President Donald Trump shoveling hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to himself and his immediate family members, will now lecture us on the appearance of financial impropriety:

God, that's adorable.

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Anonymous said...

Well, it's certainly easier to stage, shoot, edit your own protest event and rebroadcast endless iterations of them, relying on yourself for commentary and in depth analysis and repurposing the same items a dozen times a week as a standalone story, a segment on a "show", a piece of the livestream chats, a "highlight", a panel topic...journalism and news items both have short shelf lives, but of course, the Rebel doesn't provide either, so, no problem.

One of the things I enjoy most about them is their Rebel-centric view of the Canadian political and media landscapes. Last week they were demonetized by You Tube, and this week they were kicked off for a week for multiple and repeated violations of YouTube's policies on not circulating dangerous health misinformation. Apart from parlaying this into yet another begging bowl, Ezra's take is hilariously and predictably self-aggrandizing. He explains that this is all part of a grand conspiracy between Trudeau and YouTube to destroy the Rebel before the next election. Because as we all know, the Rebel's support is absolutely crucial, and top of mind for voters, pundits and politicians from coast to coast.
Meanwhile, according to the Alexa global site analysis, the Rebel has dropped below the two million mark in site ratings in just the last ninety days, a collapse of roughly a million in their ranking; daily visits are down 24%, the average reader's daily time on site has dropped by 6o%, and the bounce rate (folks who hit the page and leave without actually going deeper) is now over 80%.
I don't think YouTube and Trudeau have to conspire TOO much.