Wednesday, April 21, 2021

If only there was a clue of some kind.

Way back in January, Rebel News' Ezra Levant mused about whether the folks who stormed the U.S. Capitol and killed a cop were actually supporters of Donald Trump:

In all fairness, Ezra makes a good point ... if only there were some sort of indication, perhaps a subtle clue that gave it away ...

Ah, well, I guess we'll never know.

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Anonymous said...

Have some sympathy for poor Ezra. Given that right wing violence is the leading terrorist threat in North America, the Rebel rapid response team must stand ever-ready to explain, justify or deny the criminal behaviour they encourage (while deploring identical criminal behaviour from the folks they don't like, of course.

It can't be easy. Over the last few weeks Ezra and Co have:
- piously defended the rights of American cops to beat up on blacks who are protesting about being murdered, while deploring Canadian cops for enforcing a curfew that keeps Rebel readers from unrestricted partying;
- patrolled mosque parking lots counting cars in a vain attempt to prove those wicked Muzzies were violating restrictions, while making heroes of some paleo-Christian primitives who apparently haven't yet discovered that disease isn't transmitted by evil spirits;
- celebrated their own team's assault on cops, while declaring that OTHER assaults on cops were probably "False Flag Antifa" covert provocation.

Fortunately, Ezra has an ace in the hole...he's catering to the most incredibly stupid readership this side of World Net Daily. This morning featured a cut and past article on the death of President Deby of Chad (a brutal dictator, but much beloved by Rebel types for his war on Islamism. As of this posting, the article has one response from Rebel readers (most of whom think Chad was half of a Mersey-beat pop duo): "I really wish the Turdeau was in that battle". So...not a tough audience to please.