Saturday, April 17, 2021

None dare call it "racism," amirite?

With the burgeoning Donald Trump-driven "America First" movement being not even a flimsy disguise for virulent white supremacism:

one wonders who appears to be totally on board, ah, there we go:

I'm sure you're shocked.


Purple library guy said...

Thinking of "none dare call it", and the original wording that went with that . . . has it ever occurred to Ezra that this is not, in fact, the United States we're living in but a separate country, and so a US "America" (meaning just them, not us) first ideology might not actually be something for Canadians to crow about? Of course it's not like Trump slapped tariffs on our shit or anything . . . oh wait, he did.
Quite a few Canadian right wing ideologues seem to be in one way or another basically traitors to Canada, backing the United States even, almost particularly, when their interests go against ours. Come to that, this is not just ideological influence--the Conservative party has deep organizational ties with the Republican party and with US Republican-oriented electioneering companies.

Anonymous said...

PLG, you're exactly right. It was particularly obvious during the Free Trade negotiations, when Ezra slobbered all over Team Trump and reviled Freeland every step of the way.
Ezra and people of his ilk are attracted to brutes and bullies. Like most weak men, he adores what he perceives as strength.