Thursday, April 08, 2021

Um .. what the fuck?

Well, this is an interesting development:

So, if I read this correctly, donors can now claim official charitable tax receipts for donating (in a roundabout way) to Rebel News? Really?

(Wag of the tail to anonymous commenter, who pointed this out.)

P.S. Here is the web site for "The Democracy Fund," whose advertised mandate does not seem to include shoveling money to Rebel News, then subsequently issuing tax receipts for that.

Also, here's the CRA page, verifying that they are, in fact, a registered charity. Again, nothing there suggests that their mandate extends to paying lawyers to represent people openly breaking the law.

BONUS TRACK: I'm perusing the information page of "The Democracy Fund" here (click on Section C), and I am positively fascinated by the answer to this question:

This does get more interesting by the minute.

OH, MAN, IT JUST GETS BETTER. From the charity's CRA page, we learn of its three directors:

And where do all of Lyndon Dunkley, Joe Nadler and Lyle Dunkley live? Huh ...

That's certainly convenient.


OOOOHHHHHHHH, MY: As the first anonymous commenter points out, this is not the first rodeo featuring Rebel News' Ezra Levant and a couple of the aforementioned directors, based on this article from the Western Standard back in 2007:


Anonymous said...

Looks like Ezra has been friendly with the Dunkleys for a long time:

JJ Koornstra said...

What is also fascinating is the T3010 Registered Charity Information Return
financials are not posted although other charities must provide that information. Now Rebel News wants donations to help Pastor Artur Pawlowski
who was arrested at the Calgary Airport coming back from a speaking tour in the U.S. The pastor is an avid anti-LGBTQ; anti-abortion, anti masks and failure on several counts to allow Alberta Public Health to enter their church. This is not the first time he has run afoul to the law. Rebel News claims he was arrested shockingly in a SWAT like manner and was roughly treated. But the video shows a patient police officer trying to handcuff him but the Pastor stayed on his knees instead of standing up with his hands behind his back. The video clearly showed a total of 3 police officers 2 of whom were only monitoring the arrest (not directly in contact with the Anti-Everything Pastor. They tell donors that donors will get a tax receipt. This donation plea doesn't match up with the objects of their CRA description of their mandate. Smells like old yellow journalism and shady money laundering practices.


Lyle Dunkley and Lyndon Dunkley (father and son) relationship but in CRA documents only one of the Dunkleys stated they are NOT at arm's length with other directors. Which is extremely suspicious. The T3010 Registered Charity Information Return Section B - Directors/Trustees and Like Officials asks for the directors' personal addresses yet they listed what I assume is their combined working address. If so, then all 3 should have declared not being at arm's length from other directors. Thus if their filing is correct then they have a board/trustee of three (all claiming the same address.
My greatest concern is there is no financial data which would show Assets and Liabilities as well all Revenue and All Expenses. Without this NO one knows on the expense line donations whether money was spent on charitable causes according to their mandate. What's the ratio of administration / salaries versus the expensing of donations.

JJ Koornstra said...

If Democracy Fund supports financially to the Fight the Fines project then they are laundering money to a non registered charitable organization. Legal maybe but if their mandate doesn't include supporting other non registered charitable organizations then it looks like under the table activities and at best is sketchy. Fight the Fines is an internal project and doesn't have its own address. It all leads back to Rebel News of which even through The Democracy Fund one cannot search their financial data..

CC said...

JJ Koornstra: I have written extensively about the questionable legality of using The Democracy Fund to solicit donations for Rebel News -- just search this blog for "The Democracy Fund".