Thursday, April 15, 2021

In the initial round of layoffs at Rebel News, ...

... the copy editors were the first to go:

BONUS TRACK: Anonymous commenter from a few posts back leaves this gift, which kind of explains the tanking quality and desperate fundraising from Der Rebel lately:

Meanwhile, according to the Alexa global site analysis, the Rebel has dropped below the two million mark in site ratings in just the last ninety days, a collapse of roughly a million in their ranking; daily visits are down 24%, the average reader's daily time on site has dropped by 6o%, and the bounce rate (folks who hit the page and leave without actually going deeper) is now over 80%.



Anonymous said...

Looks like they might be losing their latest thug for hire, too. Chris Saccoccia, who now call himself Chris Sky (presumably to avoid Google searches) is a completely deranged creep who's been the Rebel's featured Screaming Loony Against Masking, most recently appearing in a pair of astonishing clips - one with a flabby Dave Menzies gasping and seating while "exercising" in a Resistance Gym, the other a psychotic breakdown on camera as he screams to his fans he's being kidnapped by cops. (sorry to befoul this fine site with this link, but you really have to see this fine example of a Rebel contributor hard at work:

Saccoccia has a fascinating track record of white supremacist quotes and associates, borderline anti-semitism, and public rage. However, he's just lost his favourite platform ( and appears to be well on his way down the Gavin McInnis "I Used to Be Outrageous But Now I'm Just Tragic" path.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of copy editors, savor this syntactic and logical pretzel from Andrew Lawton's latest at the Rebel.
" Government censorship is the worst form of censorship, but private censorship at the hand of government or at the direction of government is worse than that even so."