Sunday, April 11, 2021

I believe I predicted that perfectly.

 Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Damn, I'm good.

OMG: The arrest of David Menzies set to Benny Hill music is the Bowen Yang of icebergs.

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Anonymous said...

There's been radio silence out of the Rebel for the last few hours on this event. I wonder how they're preparing to frame this. Seems to me they played it very, very badly indeed, on several fronts.
a) Ezra's intentions couldn't have been plainer. He announced he was traveling to Montreal to "fight for free speech", not to pursue anything to do with journalism. It was a bit creepy watching his team of "reporters" move into tight defensive formations protecting Ezra while others provoked the cops.
b) There's nothing new about Menzies picking an on-camera fight with cops (or security guards, or desk clerks, or secretaries). But usually he has the brains to edit out the bits where he's doing the provoking, so that all we see is the angry reaction. This time his verbal and physical aggression are perfectly captured.
c) Ezra's recordings of his interaction with the police are almost comical; the cops radiate patience and professionalism, while Ezra, with growing frustration, piles on the theatrical rage and threats. But I think he just spent his last "get out of jail free" card. Courts tend to dismiss minor offenses rather than dealing with time and process required to process them. But this time, Ezra has acknowledged that he organized a group to travel to Montreal to provoke the police; he violated multiple Public Health regulations, deliberately; his kids committed an on camera assault against a police officer, and potentially other breach-of-peace offenses. Given all that, I seriously doubt any court is going to be inclined toward leniency; and I suspect Team Ezra may learn that a criminal conviction is not an asset when pursuing a career in, well, any area of endeavor.
I suspect the current and uncharacteristic silence may be the echo of a lawyer screaming: "What the FUCK were you thinking?? DON'T SAY ANOTHER WORD!!!"