Tuesday, April 06, 2021


Conservatives: "Private businesses have the right to discriminate in any way they want in terms of what customers they choose to serve."

Also conservatives: "Private businesses have absolutely no right to bar people from entry just because those people refuse to wear a mask."

OK, then.


Anonymous said...

Apples and oranges. No mask is no different than being in a wheelchair.
You can't refuse entry based on medical issues.

Liberals: I'm kicking you out of my shop for wearing a Trump shirt. Their business their right to not have you in their business

Anonymous said...

Conservatives: The market takes care of itself, and no external forces should be allowed to interfere with the free operation of supply and demand.

Also Conservatives: the company that owns the rights to a seventy year old book with racists caricatures MUST keep it in print no matter how repellent its imagery and limited its market, because CANCEL CULTURE!!!

CC said...

Yes, Anonymous 1, because putting on a mask is *just* like getting out of your wheelchair. I'm shocked I never noticed the similarity before.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1, I think a better analogy to masks would be drunk driving since if you don't wear a mask you have a greater chance of spreading. So the real question is should society act to prevent drunk driving or does everyone have the choice to drink and dri

Anonymous said...

Ezra: Sharia Law has no place in Canada, and religious beliefs should never be allowed to outweigh the Charter and the Criminal Code!

Also Ezra: A tiny handful of primitive Christian worshippers must be allowed to put each other, their families and the community as a whole at risk because they don't like praying at home.

CC said...

Well played.