Saturday, April 10, 2021

P.S. Send money.

HOLY SHIT, but Rebel News' David Menzies is in an assload of trouble. Watch the video clip here, where Menzies gets in the face of a Montreal police officer to the point where she is forced to push him back. Note very carefully in that first few seconds where, after the female officer (justifiably) pushes Menzies, he immediately shoves the officer next to her.

That's assault. Of a police officer.

Menzies is so massively fucked.

UNLEASH THE BOTS! If you didn't realize that Rebel News has an army of automated bots configured to post support, consider this screenshot, wherein two Twitter accounts post precisely the same content within one second of each other:


Ramirezplayer said...

The idiots at Rebel actually post Menzies clearly not wearing a mask and being an aggressor...good thing Ezra doesn't practice law

thwap said...

Curious. Given that Ezra and his shrinking posse tend to be barrel suckers.

Anonymous said...

Ezra's cover note brags: ""I came here with seventeen of our staff to assert our freedom of the press."

In other works, the Rebel has given up ANY pretense of journalism: he's basically boasting he imported his own mob to confront police and record their reaction, generate a few weeks worth of "stories" by the Rebel about the Rebel, and, of course, raise a shitload more money.

What's really funny? With seventeen self-proclaimed Rebel "journalists" on site, there's not a single word of explanation of what triggered the raid and these arrests. The Rebel has now become the media equivalent of a perpetual motion machine; it's now organizing its own riots, then feeding off its coverage of the clashes it creates.