Sunday, April 25, 2021

Ooooohhhhhh, myyyyyyyyy ...

Ex-Rebel Newser Caolan Robertson explains the corporate strategy for Rebel News in four easy steps:

There's a lot more of this coming shortly, so you might want to check back on a regular basis.

ANY OF THIS SOUND VAGUELY FAMILIAR? Ex-Rebeler Robertson explains that the basis of getting views and engagament is ... confrontation:

Confrontation ... confrontation ... oh, right:

And now you know.


Anonymous said...

I find this opportunistic little toad about as unappetizing as the bottom feeders he worked for and enabled.

Anonymous said...

I did enjoy the little " No, I'M blackmailing YOUY!!" pas-de-deux that marked his departure/expulsion from the Rebel, and the clandestine audio recording he made of Ezra explaining "how things work". That seems to have vanished; pity, it should have been required listening as orientation program for the Rebel's current crop of marching morons.