Tuesday, April 27, 2021

I'm sure this can't end badly.

If Tucker Carlson were any more of a bloviating twatwaffle, ignorant colostomy bag and menace to public health, he'd be Sheila Gunn Reid.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe anyone is a bigger piece of shit than Tucker Carlson, then I check out "The Gunn Show" at Rebel News, and I am reminded otherwise.

That woman defines the term "human garbage."

Anonymous said...

"Please send money! A communist at rally just walked up and PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE! Look, here's the video! SEND MONEY NOW!"

Err...the video seems to show a guy pushing over a tripod.

"YEAH! But it was NEAR my face!! "

Purple library guy said...

I notice along the bottom of his broadcast it says "MASKS STRIP PEOPLE OF THEIR INDIVIDUAL IDENTITIES" (all caps in original).
I conclude he's just miffed because everyone masking makes it harder to go after Moslem women for veils. It's an echo of that whole "You can't tell who they are, they might be a terr'ist!" rhetoric.