Saturday, April 24, 2021

That slow, swirling-around-the-bowl sound that is Rebel News.

It is slowly becoming less amusing and entertaining to keep picking on the fetid cesspool that is Ezra Levant's Rebel News, mostly due to the stench of pathetic desperation as Ezra struggles to find ways to provoke outrage among his intellectually-crippled acolytes, and a recent story reeks of such desperation, I swear, you would think I was making it up if I didn't gift you with a screenshot.


You are reading that correctly -- in order to drive his imbecilic disciples into paroxysms of rage ("paroxysm": look it up), Ezra reports ever so breathlessly that CBC president Catherine Tait, while on business in New York, had the massive fucking effrontery to ... expense her business expenses.

Please ... take a minute and let that sink in.

Out of all the actually interesting and breaking news out there, Ezra has decided that one of his front-page stories is going to be that the president of the CBC had the nerve to travel on business, use taxis and parking and ... ask for receipts.

This ... this is the pathetic vacuity that is Ezra Levant and Rebel News these days ... the hysterical, childish screeching about someone declaring business expenses as, you know, business expenses.

The mind just fucking reels.

COMING SOON: None dare call it "money laundering."


Anonymous said...

For a giggle, you might want to do a little digging around "Resistance Coffee" (not the American original, a progressive group, but the more recent iteration funding Keean Bexte, the Rebel, and the "Justice Centre For Constitutional Freedoms".) whose website and twitter feed seem to consist of slightly re-written Rebel news cut and pastes, and truly embarrassing 4-Chan style attempts at humour in their branding.

Purple library guy said...

Outrageous is one thing, but this is just sad. What kind of frothing ideologue worth their salt would even imagine this to be click-worthy?
I wonder if the Rebel News types have gotten gun-shy after so many lawsuits, so they don't dare go for the big bold lies any more?