Monday, April 12, 2021


Right-wingers who insist on the right to control the reproductive rights of all women currently adamant that making them wear a mask is a totally grotesque violation of their individual freedoms. 

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Anonymous said...

The Rebel; the police are Nazis, the Gestapo, and willful agents in the globalist takeover of Canada. The are the enemy’s front line in the rapidly approaching civil war against you. You need only obey the laws you personally agree with, and are morally bound to resist anything else.

Also the Rebel: we piously disapprove of violence.

It’s fun watching the Rebel, apparently in its death throes, convulsing in spasms as it tries to provide a stream of rage pure and hot enough to satisfy the hate addicts, while avoiding actual prosecution for criminal conspiracy or incitement. Keann “I’m not really here but I’m still here” Bexte was gleefully crowing live about rhe outbreak of violence in Montreal, but suddenly yanked his more gleeful tweets, recanted with some pro forma pontification to the effect that “remember kids, violence is not the answer!”, and added a panicky “by the way, I’m not speaking on behalf of the Rebel here, nor does this represent....” demurrer.

They finally seem to be dimly realizing that perhaps encouraging stupid, angry people to hate cops, ignore the law, and take matters into their own hands in the streets might have undesirable consequences. They’ve now decided that all the violence was actually secret Antifa provocateurs abetted by the Montreal police, A similar flip is underway in their Grace Life Church “coverage”. Last week the Rebel was stoking the fire of non-compliance; when the crowd began to tear down police fencing, however, suddenly the culprits were “Antifa” (not, of course, the little team of hard right Rebel fans who keep showing up at these events. It must be very confusing for their poor readership, who have great difficulty just SEEING the dots, let alone connecting them; half are still stuck on yesterday’s messaging (REVOLUTION! YAY, OUR SIDE!), missed the memo (WHOOPS! WE REALLY DIDN’T EXPECT YOU YO SWALLOW THAT!), and haven’t yet got the new talking points (REVOLUTION! BOO! ANTIFA!!)