Monday, April 05, 2021


Just gonna leave these here ...

Yeah, about that ...


Anonymous said...

There are two ways to leave the Rebel. If you show the right level of obsequiousness, grovel sufficiently, and thank Ezra with gratitude and humility for having permitted you to briefly share his universe, you will be permitted to back away from the Throne to the exit, kowtowing. Thus many of the vilest stool samples to ooze off their slides (Faith Goldy, Laura Loomer, Gavin Mcinnis, Tommy Robinson) remain in Levantine good graces, and occasionally, on a slow day, earn a beneficent nod.
If, on the other hand, you commit lèse-majesté by acknowledging that you're abandoning this rat-infested sewage barge to its doom (Michael Coren, Brian Lilley, Caolan Robertson et al), you will be cast into the great beyond where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth.
I wonder about this new batch. Have none of them realized that:
a) The Web is forever. and their names are now eternally and ineradicably linked to Ezra and the Rebel?
b) That the first thing ANY employer, membership committee, HR firm, or political party does with new applicants is google them?
c) Every single one of them has just rendered themselves ineligible for employment with ANY legitimate media outlet, with any run for political office or appointment, or with employment or appointment to any corporation or NGO that provides service to Muslim, Chinese, Liberal, NDP, Green, Indigenous, LGBT or immigrant clients?

Anonymous said...

How on earth can #FighttheFines be linked to an official charity, and qualify for tax donations???