Thursday, April 01, 2021


One wonders who would have the lack of basic decency to leap to the defence of the wretchedly bigoted and anti-Semitic Gina Carano, who equated the slaughter of six million Jews with disliking someone because they're Republican:

Ah, there we go ...

Rebel News: When you just don't get enough anti-Semitism with your morning croissant.


MgS said...

Since what they are really bitching about is essentially "don't be an asshole to your fellow humans", we can conclude that 64% of Americans are assholes. (Or at least 64% of whatever demographic was captured in the polling sample ... )

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that this is coming from conservatives, who a large number of are currently accusing any and all liberals and Hollywood stars of being cannibalistic pedophiles. Some of them literally call liberals "demons".
It's 100% projection. They expect libs want to put them in camps and murder them all because that's exactly what they'd like to do to liberals.