Monday, November 09, 2009

Generalizing to conclude that ALL members of the military are imbeciles would be unfair.

Over at a Canadian military online forum, contributor "zipperhead_cop" seems quite proud of his devastatingly on-point observation regarding the Fort Hood shooting suspect:

Funny how this clown has a huge crisis of conscience after the military pays for a nice doctoral level education.

And, sadly for zipperhead, there's reality:

"I know what that is like," [his aunt] said. "Some people can take it, and some cannot. He had listened to all of that, and he wanted out of the military, and they would not let him leave even after he offered to repay" for his medical training.

Facts: Always with that gosh-darned liberal bias.


Noni Mausa said...

And note, he got that education and graduated in 1997, and worked in the armed forces for 4 years before 9/11. Then worked another 8 years while the Bush administration did their thing and the USA went rabidly anti-Islam.

12 years of work in a pressure-cooker environment where the administration's decisions kept ramping up the number and severity of damaged soldiers he was expected to patch up, coupled with a prejudiced social environment extending outwards to include his entire birth nation -- offhand I can't think of a set of circumstances more likely to push a guy over the edge.

That he killed others rather than just himself, might just be a happenstance. Plenty have taken the other choice.

How many others are perched right on the edge? The sanity raft is awfully crowded, and it's easy to lose your footing.

Noni Mausa said...

Gee, that's what I get for not checking Wiki first:

The points about unbearable stress still stand.