Sunday, November 22, 2009

But I could have sworn ...

Nov 22, 2009:

A day after a former diplomat made explosive allegations that Ottawa was aware of routine torture practices in Afghanistan, the Conservatives attacked his credibility, saying there was "no evidence" to support the claims.

Feb 29, 2008:

The [Canadian] military had stopped handing over prisoners to Afghan officials on Nov. 6 [2007], one day after Canada received what it called ``credible evidence" that a prisoner was abused at the hands of his Afghan captors after being handed over by Canadians.

Reconciling those two conflicting accounts is left as an exercise for the reader. Or, more precisely, for the ignorant, useless hacks at the Blogging Tories. I'm sure they're all hanging out by their fax machines, waiting for the next set of retarded talking points as I type.

BONUS TRACK: Oh, dear.

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