Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Um ... whoops, never mind. Carry on.

(Wag of the tail to "E in MD".)

AFTERSNARK: It's not surprising to see pathological liar David Horowitz involved in this bit of utter fiction, since Horowitz has made an entire career out of ginning up totally bogus examples of anti-conservative persecution.

There was this. Not to mention this. But, really, there's a much simpler way to handle claims like the above: If David Horowitz is saying it, you know it's a lie.

See? I just saved you buckets of time. You're welcome.

BY THE WAY, here's the original, breathless, hyper-ventilating coverage of this hoax at Horowitz's Front Page Magazine site. I know ... let's check in on occasion for the inevitable retraction and apology, shall we?

, you really want to check out the New York Sun's followup on this, particularly this juicy nugget:

A student at Princeton University who said he was beaten unconscious by two black-clad assailants Friday has said that he fabricated the assault, and that he sent e-mail death threats to himself, three other Princeton students, and a prominent conservative professor at Princeton, Robert George, police said today.

That's right -- self-proclaimed moral standard bearer Nava was the one who sent the death threat(s) to conservative professor Robert George. Oh, frabjous day! Does it get any funnier than this?

Answer: No.

In other news, we on the "Left" are very, very angry. People like Francisco Nava say so.

OH, THE UNINTENTIONAL HILARITY. If you're bored to tears, you should follow some of the links to read what passes for logic among the residents of the Moron-o-sphere. One of my favourites is this comment:

The enlightened leftists at Princeton probably figure the kid deserved what he got. In the end this group are nothing but "haters". Cheers.

Did you catch that? If I read this person correctly, a sanctimonious, right-wing moralizer perpetrated a hoax, his own supporters got sucked in and began screeching mindlessly about anti-conservative persecution, the hoaxer finally 'fessed up, therefore ... people on the left are "haters."

Does it get any more delightfully divorced from reality than that?


Ti-Guy said...

Robby George should be crucified over this. An advisor who is blind to the emotional brittleness of some disturbed student and who, in all likelyhood, reinforced this person's 'conservative' delusions shouldn't be allowed around young people.

These creepy, old religious and social conservatives need to be held accountable.

E in MD said...

I came across that and thought about all the bullshit accusations about how liberals control the media and how we're the new facists and how we're a threat to conservatives, and how we're all racists in disguise. Yet we're not the ones propping up would be dictators in our own lands.

I laughed when I read that article. I thought I had to share because this is the short of bullshit these neo-con assmonkeys pull. They can't win in the market place of ideas because their ideology serves only themselves. In order to 'win' they need to rig the game and they know that they cannot operate without a climate of fear to keep everyone hiding under their beds rather than paying attention to the viper in their laps. So they cheat, steal, fabricate, coerce, monopolize, earmark, media consolidate, intimidate, distract, proselytize, saber rattle, terrorize, swindle, spy, misrepresent and flat out lie because they realize that their time is OVER and they are about to be returned to the dust bin of history like other such failed movements.

The saddest thing about them is that they set up all these repressive policies because they think in the long run they will benefit from them. But ultimately, when the social pendulum swings back the other way as it always does they will have just handed legal precedent, law and status quo to the other team.

Happy about all that unwarranted surveillance yet, meatballs? You have handed it on a silver platter to Hillary Clinton and said "Please investigate my every misdoing."

Don't worry neo-cons. If you've done nothing wrong you've got nothing to hide. Right???

Red Tory said...

You'd think they would realize that the Bush-Cheney executive power grab cuts both ways, wouldn't you? Man, they're stupid. They're going to wish they'd listened to saner, more intelligent people and impeached those fuckers when they had the chance.

E in MD said...

You'd think they would realize that the Bush-Cheney executive power grab cuts both ways, wouldn't you?

By Blogger Red Tory, at 11:17 AM


The only way I can logically explain their actions is that they feel that they will somehow benefit personally from having a fascist government capable of doing whatever the hell it wants to whomever the hell it was. As though they get to some day use it as an excuse to just round up everyone who doesn't agree with them (Ie: Us ) and torture us all to death while laughing gleefully and wacking off into a tissue or something.

But they're short sighted, they don't learn from history and they are too stupid to realize that the US ( I'm afraid I don't know as much about Canadian history as I do my own but I would assume the same applies ) was founded by people who had already lived in that sort of regime before and wanted it to never happen again. So the government was set up to put everyone in competition with each other so that there would always be someone to be in opposition of someone else even it was for entirely selfish reasons. So that someone would always be the voice of reason to prevent the rest from crossing the line.

They don't seem to realize that there's no guarantee that their team is going to win the superbowl in the next election. Indeed as more and more of their teams misdeeds come to light their chance is shrinking exponentially. Any time you start propping up a repressive set of laws you have to be prepared to have them turned against you.

They act like Hillary is the source of all evil. But want Hillary Clinton to have the power to break into their houses at night, kidnap them and take them off to The Salt Pit in Afghanistan to be tortured?

I voted for Bill Clinton twice and if he were running again I'd vote for him again. I liked Bill and I still like Bill. I think he made a damned good President for the most part even during the Republican witch hunt. You know what? I'd NEVER support Bill Clinton in a power grab of the magnitude that Bush has done in the last seven years. Because I'm not a fucking idiot.

There is also something to be said about party loyalty as well. Because once a fascist dictatorship sets itself up, rounds up all the dissidents and murders or imprisons them, they're not just going to stop there and say 'Ok that's enough now'. Evil eventually turns on itself. Who is to say that even if Conservative X is a die hard Republican that he won't be taken off to have his balls ground into powder while his family watches just to make an 'example' out of him because he pissed off some third rate bureaucrat? That's one of the biggest reasons FOR oversight, habeas corpus and the right to a public trial. Because if everybody's watching it's hard to pull a fast one.

But conservatives only see one thing. Power. That lust for power, dominance and influence blinds them to everything else. I used to think that the old James Bond movie villains were too fake to be real. But I've realized over the last decade that a little Goldfinger exists in the heart of every neo-con. They all want to rule the world. Eventually they'll have to fight each other for it, and those people who supported them in their rise to power will be exploited and then discarded when they are no longer useful.

If they had the brains to realize that, they wouldn't be neo-cons.

KEvron said...

"One of my favourites is this comment"

author: "nuke99". gotta love that "culture of life", eh?

rehashing here, but it's the same kind of reasning upon which rick moran depends: "don't blame me if my prejudice and ignorance make me an easy target for duping."


KEvron said...

francisco nava?