Thursday, December 27, 2007

Once upon a time ...

Just when I think I can’t possibly be surprised by the unbearable stupidity that is the Bush Administration, something like this spot of heinous fuckery turns up and I’m proven wrong yet again. Via ThinkProgress:

In a new piece in Commentary magazine, Jay Lefkowitz — who advised Bush on stem cells — reveals how the President formulated his 2001 policy. While Bush heard from a variety of groups on both sides of the issue, the turning point appeared to come when Lefkowitz read from Aldous Huxley’s fictional novel, Brave New World, and scared Bush:

A few days later, I brought into the Oval Office my copy of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley’s 1932 anti-utopian novel, and as I read passages aloud imagining a future in which humans would be bred in hatcheries, a chill came over the room.

“We’re tinkering with the boundaries of life here,” Bush said when I finished. “We’re on the edge of a cliff. And if we take a step off the cliff, there’s no going back. Perhaps we should only take one step at a time.”

I’m sorry but after reading that, I keep picturing Dubya in his G.I. Joe footie pyjamas with the covers pulled up to his nose while Lefkowitz reads him his scary bedtime story. And now it’s in your head, too. Hey, I believe in sharing.


Ti-Guy said...

Hey, if anyone is familiar with the perils of getting alcohol in his surrogate during fetal development, it would be George W. Bush.

...or quite possibly Barbara Bush.

E in MD said...

Stem cell research is stepping off a cliff.

Shredding the Constitution and starting a war that will NEVER end and will never produce results of any kind. That's just fine.

I hope nobody reads George 1984 or he'll be telling us to call him Big Uncle or soemthing next.