Sunday, December 30, 2007

This is just going to get better.

Via Brian Lemon, who really needs to get his head out of his ass:

Raphael Unveils Blogging Tory Mole …
Raph Alexander is one of my top five Blogging Tory sites.
And this morning he posted on a new site in the BT realm that isn't what it seems.

Rather than delete from the BT aggregator, I suggest that Stephen leave it to show the ridiculous lengths that Cdn Cynic and his pathetic posse go to for attention.

Glaring proof that being a BT means never having a sense of humour. Johnnytard, you're my hero.


KEvron said...

clearly a therapeutic venture, given how prolific johnnytard's been since the inception. good for him. and fun-fun-FUN for me!


Ti-Guy said...

Figures the narcissistic righties think it's all about them.

It never is. Their cretinousness is either baffling or fodder for satire. But do the rest of us ever get anything out of what it is they're actually saying?

Not me. As I've said before, a conservative has never told me anything useful in my entire life.

KEvron said...

brian wont allow this comment from me:

"It's only a matter of time before 'nad joins the lexicon like dork and sucks did."

and "cunt" (no reference to bl or anyone intended in use of this expression, as far as you can prove)....


KEvron said...

"Rather than delete from the BT aggregator"

i dared him to try!


Red Tory said...

Clearly a therapeutic venture... See, this why so-called “liberals” are much more enlightened and intelligent than their dim-witted brethren stubbornly inhabiting the dark side of the moon.

Yes indeed, it is just that: a purging excrescence, if you will of the copious amounts of toxic bile that’s accumulated in my system over the last few years of absorbing their bilious nonsense for the sake of “research” into their mindset. It’s kind of funny the way some react to it. Sadly perhaps, they won’t get the point and things will just go on as usual. But at least I’ve unburdened myself of a lot of their vile detritus and can now just happily point in that direction whenever anyone attempts to suggest that they’re not a bunch of deranged lunatics, crackpots and catastrophically retarded ignoramuses.

Ti-Guy said...

I reached that state long ago. Although I'm still interested in what exactly makes them tick, you can't get it from what they end up expressing on Teh Internets.