Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Weepy Pete On Tour

In a "surprise" jaunt over to Afghanistan, weepy Pete decided to spend up some of those good, good tax payer dollars to visit the troops. Now that would be a fine, even noble thing were it not for the war mongering and politicking he did on behalf of Junior''s next war of choice. Using a Christmas visit to the troops as cover, the smug little fart took the opportunity to keep the war fires burning with claims of Iranian weapons flowing to the Taliban. CTV has coverage of the visit and quotes MacKay as saying: "Afghanistan has "very negative influences coming in from other countries -- Pakistan, certainly Iran in particular," he said. "We're very concerned that weapons are coming in from Iran, we're very concerned these weapons are going to the insurgents and keeping this issue alive."

I suppose in the wake of the NIE disrupting the flow of premium bullshit about the fabled Iranian nuclear weapons program, somebody had to get to spewing a fresh line of dung. And who better than Peter MacKay. Why, nobody would suspect Condi's sycophantic, milquetoast admirer of catapulting a man-sized portion of weapons grade propaganda. Consider this the first salvo in what will be a winter feces offensive. MacKay has now made a statement that will be repeated. He will of course keep muttering and yammering as he has been programmed to do but look for it to be picked up by the American slaughter porn fanatics. And the key piece of bullshit rationalization has already been uttered. With the proviso that Iran and the Taliban hated each other almost to the point of open conflict, all bets are now hedged on the 'enemy of my enemy is my friend' plan. Fucking yeah. Just like it worked in Iraq. Because the Shia and the Sunni both hated the American invaders so much that they put aside their differences and united their forces to fight the crusaders. Exactly. Bullshit.

Congratulations Minister of Defense, Peter MacKay, you have whored Christmas and used our troops to sow further seeds of discord in the world. After all, things wouldn't be complete without yet another mindless cauldron of slaughter and suffering in the ill conceived war on terror. I'm sure paunchy Steve tucked into his third, forth and fifth helpings of turkey secure in the knowledge that our troops were away from their families helping him play the tough on the world stage. Let me pose this question to the cock noggins running this absurd show, when are pissants like Peter MacKay going to address the role of the Saudis in all of this murderous folly? When is George Bush going to stop holding hands with the funders and bankers of this generational conflict? When are all of the tough guy arseholes like Harper going to shut their gaping pie-holes and work to bring peace to the Afghanis instead of more bloodshed? How many more Christmases will our soldiers be apart from their loved ones for the sake of political blunderers and buffoons, the fat of belly and head?

Screw you MacKay. How dare you use our forces as stage props for your sinister mission. So much for that Peace on Earth line, forget the good will to all men. Just another day, just another political opportunity to put one over. Fuckers.


thwap said...

That's what I thought.

The Iranian connection to IED's in Iraq has proven tenuous enough, ... ie., probably complete bullshit.

MacKay is a little slow on the uptake though, and he thought he'd use this rancid, long-dead red herring now.

He'd be laughable if'n so many Blogging Tories and their equally stupid brethern didn't elect him and his ilk into a minority government.

LuLu said...

Tell it, you magnificent bastard ... This is Angry Senior laying the groundwork for the next phase of why "we must fight them over there, so we're not fighting them over here" propaganda that the righttards keep humping. We've got trouble, kids.

P.S. Did you have a nice Christmas otherwise?

Lindsay Stewart said...

I don't do xmas. So I sat about unshaven, surfed some, watched some Twin Peaks on DVD and ate a scorching serving of curry. So being a day off work it was great. In the morning I'll turn the ringer back on on the phone and within a week my friends will have forgiven me for snubbing their invites to turkey.

I don't begrudge anyone their day as long as it doesn't impose on mine. How was it for you?

LuLu said...

Too busy, too noisy, too much food - the usual insanity. I'm Irish on my mother's side, Italian on my father's (so you don't want to try and outdrink or outargue me - big fun). We were 40 last night at dinner and 25 tonight and now I want to pull the covers over my head and thank God Christmas only comes once a year. I am fucking wiped. I like yours better ...

Lindsay Stewart said...

Irish on mom's side, Scottish on dad's side though I don't drink much I can argue incoherently once I see the bottom of a glass or two.

section9 said...

Speaking as an American who follows the comings and goings of Dr. Rice, inquiring minds want to know:

Haven't those two (that would be Dr. Rice and Peter McKay) done the nasty yet?

I mean, the old boy hasn't been the same since Belinda took up with Ty Domie, eh?

Dave said...

Great post PSA!

I'm calling MacKay a liar... outright.

Notice the one thing he did not produce?

Evidence to support his assertion.

Gawd, these guys have no shame whatsoever.

LuLu: I'm glad I wasn't at your place. Sounds delightfully maddening.

Raphael Alexander said...

I won't deny you raise some good points. At the same time you inflect all this sinister partisan rationale for each and every motive linked to the Conservative movements in Afghanistan.

Could it be possible that Peter MacKay sincerely cares for the troops and wanted to show solidarity for them at a time when they are stuck in Afghanistan? You are making the case that MacKay is making the case for war with Iran on behalf of the Americans. It's an interesting assertion, one which I don't believe [naturally], since it's been a favourite conspiracy theory of the left-wing movement for generations, but your opinion is nonetheless unequivocal. We'll see what happens.

It's a little ridiculous to suggest that any politician wouldn't use a moment in the media spotlight to spout off on their latest concepts of what is immediately important. A Liberal or Dipper would have done the same thing. That is, if we could suspend the disbelief that either of them would support a war for longer than three months.

Lindsay Stewart said...

Sinister partisan rationale? Come on Raphael, I am not addressing each and every movement the cons make in theater. I am pointing directly at Peter MacKay using the occasion of Christmas with the troops in Afghanistan to lie through his fucking teeth in support of creating newer and greater enmity and conflict within an already destabilized and unfriendly region.

Any politician that wanted to make hay, win friends and influence voters would have gotten in among the soldiers, smiled, glad handed and posed. They would have heaped praise on the men and women away from home doing difficult dangerous work. They would have brought and distributed packages and thoughts from home. Period. Nothing could have played better in the media than that, that's public relations 101.

That same politician would need a very compelling motive to use fucking Christmas to point fingers at another nation and make warlike accusations. Since the minister produced nothing that could be construed as evidence, I am moving to the more likely answer, Occam style. He is selling a bill of goods at the behest of the American government and doing so with the blessings of fat Steve. The unusual presence of the American Ambassador to Canada certainly adds to the picture.

The Cheney gang hates Iran. They are itching and twitching for an excuse to go after Iran. Can you deny that, after the last year of tub thumping and tough guy bullshit? Not if you're an honest soul. I'm calling MacKay a liar. And if his lies are used as rungs in the ladder of insanity that climbs us into war with Iran, then he isn't simply a liar. He would then be complicit in the murder of innocents on both sides, our soldiers and Iranian citizens. This is nothing but a cheap, dirty maneuver that could have tragic and far reaching consequences. I don't appreciate ministers of our national government using our dollars to foment war and use the soldiers that would die as a result as a backdrop for bullshit. Fuck that.

Raphael Alexander said...

The Cheney gang hates Iran. They are itching and twitching for an excuse to go after Iran. Can you deny that, after the last year of tub thumping and tough guy bullshit?

No, I wouldn't deny that. It's common knowledge, and I've written many articles in the hope they won't do the obvious thing and attack them.

I'm calling MacKay a liar. And if his lies are used as rungs in the ladder of insanity that climbs us into war with Iran, then he isn't simply a liar.

Well, IF you were correct in that those were his motives, I would be in agreement. I don't want to go to war with Iran, and I wouldn't support the Conservative government to do so.

Having said that, I don't believe that is what is happening here. I believe Peter MacKay is expressing his distaste over the involvement of Iranian elements of interference in the Afghan mission. You raise some good points, foremost of which was a surprising reference to Saudi Arabia [which is too often ignored]. Pakistan also represents a destabilizing presence if the fundamentalists come to power [no not Musharraf, but real ones].