Monday, December 24, 2007

Lack of self-awareness, symptom number 639.

Fetus-fetishist SUZANNE gives us an early Christmas present:

When they can't compete and win, they don't want to play. Typical feminists. Watch this. If conservatives win the neutral categories, they're going to complain that the process has been "hijacked".

And let me tell you, SUZANNE is not one to put up with this tasteless, sleazy, online, poll-oriented "hijacking."

Oh ... wait.

Can someone order a smarter batch of Blogging Tories? I need more of a challenge here.

: From the "Fetuses 'r' Us" HQ sidebar:

6-Year-Old on Way to Sainthood

( A 6-year-old Italian girl who cheerfully endured the amputation of her leg and offered it in union with the sacrifices of Christ may become the youngest canonized non-martyr saint.

Awwwwwww ... even if you're not religious, that's a great story. Seriously. How did that turn out, by the way?

Benedict XVI approved Monday the decree recognizing the heroic virtue of Antonietta Meo, who died of bone cancer at age 6 and a half.

Um ... well, then, that's not quite the "Jesus loves you, and they all lived happily ever after" warm and fuzzy meme I was expecting, was it?

: Larry Moran points out how the Dumbfuck-o-sphere is throughly miffed by the organized freeping of online reviews, for which the obvious solution is, of course, a counter-attack of organized freeping of online reviews, until it blows up in their faces, after which they're shocked -- appalled, I tell you -- by the Leftist bullies who engage in something as infantile and classless as the organized freeping of online reviews.

You only wish you could write stuff that unintentionally hilarious.


Ti-Guy said...

I've seriously had enough of BIG BLUE. Despite a record of profound dishonesty, the fact that she's taken seriously by anyone at all is depressing.

JJ said...

Ugh. Those people as so painfully, tortuously, migraine-inducingly thick. Why I bother trying to engage them with some occasional sanity is a mystery even to me.

On the upside, it happens less and less as time goes by. Not a terribly good omen.

Ti-Guy said...

Why I bother trying to engage them with some occasional sanity is a mystery even to me.

Well, hopes springs eternal, I guess. I'm just astonished by how much energy is required to engage first have to correct their baseless assertions, expose the faulty reason, have the patience of Job to remain civil in front of their inchoate and passive-aggressive anger and resist the temptation to expose their hypocrisy too brutally.

I wouldn't bother with them at all if their pre-occupations weren't so focused on the attitudes and behaviour of other people. If they just minded their own business, I know I wouldn't care. In fact, as we've discovered with these hypocrites, most of us would probably prefer not to know what it is they're really up with Pastor Meth and Man-Ass and Father Kid-Fucker, the truth usually ends far worse than anyone ever imagined.

Red Tory said...

So what’s this little dead girl going to be the patron Saint of? Pointless sacrifices?

Paladiea said...

Probably she'll be the patron Saint of Catholic Public Relations

JJ said...

That second link... didn't that originally go to her post about the Pierre Trudeau poll? I think she did a redirect. What a sick fuck.

M@ said...

I think she did a redirect.

Picking up where Richard Evans left off, eh?

Nothing like fetus porn.