Saturday, December 29, 2007

Shorter Misogynistic Ass Monkey.

Next time, I guess she’ll leave the fucking keys where she’s supposed to, huh? Oh wait, she’s dead ... guess not.

Proving once again, when mocking death, IOKIYABT.

Update. I realize that Cheryl over at TGB has already addressed this but I don't think the Ass Monkey's spittle-flecked misogyny, or his pathetic attempt at justification, can get nearly enough play. Remember, this is why we mock them.


Ti-Guy said...

Neo-cunt's pulling his pud over the deaths of black Torontonians again?

Quelle surprise.

Dave said...

Now he's trying to extricate himself by suggesting he was making a completely different point.

All the while an FMJ round stares back at you.

His excuse might actually be believable coming from somewhere else.

mikmik said...

This, I put there:
- - -
mikmik said...

tell me, ti-guy... you kiss your life partner with that mouth?


You're such a potty breath, yuk, yuk - can you imagine 'she sure won't do that again' THE WIT!

I'll say that at your mother's funeral.
- - -