Sunday, December 23, 2007


Quick ... someone should warn Sandy about this. Suggesting that Il Steverino is just a big meanie? Why, that's just ... just ... mean.

Fucking National Post -- bunch of anti-conservative, liberal-biased cocksuckers, the lot of them. I await Sandy's imminent outrage with bated breath.

AFTERSNARK: I particularly like this hideous falsehood from pathological liar Stephen Harper:

Mr. Harper's Conservatives are less popular today than they were on voting day 2006. After 22 months in power, poll after poll pegs them in a tie with St├ęphane Dion's Liberals, if not inexplicably slipping behind.

The Prime Minister's short answer is to dismiss the numbers.

That's right, Steve -- it's not like you're obsessed with polls or anything. What a fucking putz.


Ti-Guy said...

Don Martin's a pretty big fucking putz himself. His big complaint against Harper is that he's mean, whereas the rest of his government is simply stellar, and the Liberals are wimps.

I'm constantly amazed by the fact that that man manages to talk despite all the Harper choad down his throat.

Red Tory said...

Yeah, but Don Martin is a columnist and so that’s uh, err... Oh, never mind.

Ti-Guy said...

I wish I could find that snippit of Don Martin "brilliance" (something he actually allowed to go into print) that proves, despite moments of lucidity, that he's really kind of insane.

Ti-Guy said...

Sadly, no. What the other Don Martin said wasn't nearly as coherent or insightful.

I can't remember it because it was entirely devoid of meaning.

Unknown said...

In typical Wingnut fashion of twisting the truth, the Post laments that the Harpies is tied, when in fact the last poll had the reformists behind. Typical when we're ahead, we have the majority of Canadians behind us, we're tied so we will say we are ahead in the polls, and when we are behind we can't understand why we are tied. That's why they think can never lose.