Sunday, December 30, 2007

Good guys: 1. Whiny dumbasses: 0.

So, after whinging on about my alleged cowardice in refusing to face him mano a dumbfucko, Blogging Tory "The Right is Where it Shat" is reduced to closing off his comments section and deleting comments.

I believe we're done here. I win.



KEvron said...

high fives!


Sparky said...

Still working on him to try and get him to see *any* sense at all.
Yes it's futile, but right now I appear to have the time and inclination for it.
My interest is waning, however... One can only bang one's head against a brick wall for so long...
My latest smile was when he alluded to my poor spelling/grammar in a comment.
Yes, I'm getting admonished for spelling mistakes from TRIWIA.
Is there an irony award big enuf to handle that one?

Frank Frink said...

So, if I follow the logic of his graphic...

Canadian Cynic = Coward = Luchadore

Therefore Canadian Cynic is a Luchadore.

Okie dokie then.