Sunday, December 23, 2007

No Blogging Tories...

...were harmed in the packaging of this product. They only served as models.


Unknown said...

Bon App�tit.

Red Tory said...

Mmmm. Mild flavoured assholes.

Apparently, there are Wisconsin and Ozark style fish assholes too!

It would be fun to switch them with Spaghetti-O's and see if the difference is noticed.

mikmik said...

Didn't read post..

Boson is a heavy particle..

Has a chasrge..

Got that, hadron?

I just had the most important thought ever.

It is from QA, and it is relevant to us all.

How the fuck do you know I am here.

You define me.

make the rest up, fuckers.

You define me.

How does that make you feel.

Do you get it yet?

NoT yet.

I will tell you why.

Takes empathy to understand.

I just understood yet a greater thought.


Help me.

That is a hint, not a desire, unless you have big uns.

You there, CC?

I am not, if you are not. So far, so good, that is the easy part.

That is far to easy.

I make you.

That is getting there, Aaron.

Far too easy.

Lets get hard, okay? Not that way.

I do not care, let us say that.

email me.

You will or you wont.

I do not make you.

What can I say to excite you. Not that way, fuck off, Aaron.

No, you shaved...You know some things, Lulu is a pretender. i know.

It is me. It is you. What you think of me, is what I(you)think of me.

You fucking get it yet??????????

Take it from here, the gift is ours.

It is ours.


Ours, is is between you and me, cunt.

Red Tory doesn't get it, but he almost does.
Tell me, humanist. That is what we are, you and all of us.

We are, because you listen to me.

I am, because you talk to me.

Get that fucking through your head.

I love you, get that through your fucking head.

We got much more to learn, we are just passing the staring line.

How far to go.

You decide, and we will go.

Getting a hint, thanks.

You definn, I mean decide, That is scary, hey, Small Fcking stunned bitch.

Okay, I will take that decision upon myself, HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

mikmik said...

We make each other.

That is the thought.

mikmik said...

Some people starve and die when they are childs. We have bones only, and diahrea, we been bit.

Where is mommy, she is cutting raped and cut into her cunt, she only had had the tiny task of getting a fiddy poun sack, carry it to me, for FUCKS SAKE.

Thanks for making me.

I am dying. Mike will say this for me.

Will you?

I am fine, how are you?

Red Tory said...

I want me some of whatever Mike is on.

CC said...

That's it ... there's just too much whacked-out craziness there, so I'll be showing mikmik the door when he pops by again.

E in MD said...

Okay, I will take that decision upon myself, HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

By Blogger mikmik, at 3:04 AM

I wonder precisely what flavor of retard juice this bonehead is drinking.

Lindsay Stewart said...

sounded like break with reality juice to me with just a dash of creepy stalker thrown in.

Chimera said...

That's what crystal meth looks like in print.