Monday, December 31, 2007


We have a new contestant in the Blogging Tory stupidverse, kids, and he looks like a keeper. Shorter Mesopotamia West:

Your blatant enemy propaganda campaign of printing pictures of dead Canadian soldiers sickens me. People have no right to be upset until we hit a really spectacular casualty number like, say, 10,000 or so. Sheesh.


E in MD said...

Oh so basically this dick-tac is saying "Fuck you and your grief" to all the grieving Canadian mothers out there who have lost their sons and daughters for this war. They don't matter until at least 10,000 have died.

Why don't you sign up, shit for brains? Much safer behind the keyboard stirring the pot isn't it?

Ti-Guy said...

Guy's waaaay too old to enlist (though not too old to think sending young people to die in a useless protect the public's freedom from the press, I a ripping good idea) . He's a fuckin' fruitcake, if you ask me.

Ewps. I promised not to get too angry today.

900ft Jesus said...

what a fucking douchebag. Not publish pictures of soldiers who die? How does that fit in with honouring them, recognizing their sacrifices - things wingnuts are always spouting to justify the deaths.

So the press is supposed to hide away the names and pictures of the dead soldiers as though they are some dirty secret? Fucking nuts! Turn them into statistics, and then fuck with the statistics so we can distance ourselves from the human cost.

I don't know that...blogger, but I wonder how the son-of-slime feels about putting pictures of bloody fetuses all over the place.



Dave said...

I wonder if that fucking idiot ran his putrid hypothesis past the families of those killed? Or, does wearing red on Fridays absolve him of that?

FWIW, this is Frank Hilliard:

The fact is 'new Canadians' from the third world aren't really Canadians. They're here because of the economy and don't give a s**t about the nation. We can thank the Liberals for this wave of non-patriotic economic migrants.

He's a fucking moron, a war monger and a convenient free-rider.

mikmik said...

He changed it:
You don't win a war by putting every casualty on the front page of the paper. Long before you get to the ten thousand mark, your public has stormed Parliament Hill and surrendered.

Ti-Guy said...

He removed the comments he didn't like and engaged comment moderation.

These are the kind of people whose freedom other people are supposed to die for to protect? Some bigoted, censorious, dishonest, idiotic, angry old white man?

Unknown said...

You know what he wants, of course, with that "10,000" number (as described in his original post). Once you get into astronomical numbers, they remain just numbers. And can be discussed dispassionately, as mere statistics.

But if you go and wreck anything by thinking of each death individually, as a separate, real person, why, then you have to get all bogged down in grieving families and visible faces and personal impact and stuff.

Way harder to ram war down people's throats when they see their dead soldiers as real, individual, valuable people.

Gotta keep them as anonymous numbers, to make sure we can keep on pilin' up the huge numbers of dead on the other side. (No individual people there either.)

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

I hope Patrick isn't too old to enlist, because he's afraid that Canada's gone 'soft'.

Both Patrick and Frank have raging war boners.