Monday, December 31, 2007

Flying Foetus Fetish Fancier

Having done some digging around, I can find no mention of the terrible fate of one Mr. Ed Snell outside of the fanatical, anti-choice realm. Excepting, of course, for those that rebut the cuckoos. The sad story of Snell, his rolling platform and humpty-dumpty act are burning up the foetus-fetish nets. There is outrage and whining at the silence of the media concerning the grave injustice alleged to have been perpetrated upon Snell's person. There is a great rending of clothing and pulling out of hair due to the Harrisburg Police's cavalier attitude to the supposed assault.

The statement that got this whole ball of snot rolling came from one Pastor John McTernan. Seems this isn't the first "injury" suffered by Snell or others of McTernan's gang. Since reputable media sources apparently recognize lunatic, mouth breathing doinks when they see them, I had to visit the cess-lakes of the foetus jamboree to glean what I could.

What kind of swell guy is Ed Snell? Well he is certainly known in his neighbourhood!

Ed Snell, pro-life activist who displays pictures of aborted fetuses and other anti-abortion signs in his yard, is criticized by neighbors who put anti-Ed Snell signs in their yards.

Say what? Yup...

Man Pushes Envelope By Showing His Neighbors Abortion Reality  April 10, 2003 - Ed Snell planted a mess of those big antiabortion signs in his front yard in Harrisburg, PA. His neighbors didn't like it.

I guess his neighbours didn't like it. But give old Ed points for dedication.

Pro-lifers from the District, Virginia and Maryland were joined by a contingent of seven Harrisburg pro-lifers, led by Ed Snell, who have picketed  McLeod’s Hillcrest clinic in Harrisburg for 16 years.

Since the article cited is from 2004, seems old Ed has been harassing folks at the Harrisburg clinic for nineteen years and he still has time to take his act on the road. What a guy. Now this blog is chock full of the adventures of gravity stricken Ed Snell and that whacky cult of foetal fanatics. Here are some highlights of the terrible injuries that seem to befall these crazy kids.

Another pro-life advocate, Ed Snell, was charged with disorderly conduct after attempting to hand tracts to pregnant women who were entering the clinic. The charges were later dropped.

"Ed was injured during the arrest," McTernan said. "They ratcheted the cuffs on him real tight. He took pictures after the arrest and you could see the marks and swelling where they had cuffed him. He told them they were tight and they refused to do anything."

and then...

McTernan told WND another protester was attacked and hit over the head with a board by a pro-choice protestor. "She suffered injury to her neck as a result of this blow that she received, but yet, they trump up charges against us," he said.

with no help from the eeevil polices...

"They watched one woman get beaten. She had to be put in the hospital," McTernan said. "High speed cars have attempted to run us over. We have videos of most of it. They won't do anything."

"Last I spoke with her, the doctor said she was going to have to have an operation on her left arm because she suffered nerve damage from the arrest," McTernan said.

shocking I tells ya, but it ain't no picture without high speed chase scenes...

In one incident, McTernan said an 18-wheeler tried to run over John Holman, one of his fellow pro-life advocates. Holman jumped out of the way to avoid the truck and was arrested for criminal trespass after he landed on a strip of property the clinic claims to own, according to McTernan.

Now I'm kind of curious if maybe Pastor McTernan might have mistook the name of the 18 wheel dodging Holman. I couldn't find anything about a John Holman but just hit the Google with the name Dan Holman and it is a whole other kettle of shite. Just saying.

Anyway, according to the crackpots at Tradition, Family and Property (a group whose origins are nicely sorted by Dr. Dawg) the alleged assault on Mr. Snell went like this:

...the man became furious, jumped the fence and, in the words of Mr. McTernan, “leaped on the vehicle with Ed and catapulted him off of the vehicle and onto the ground.” Mr. Snell hit his back and head on the pavement and was knocked unconscious.

So the alleged perpetrator must be one athletic lad. He just up and jumped a seven foot fence, leapt onto a vehicle mounted platform and catapulted someone to the ground. Just like that. Well, since arrest records are public documents and despite all of the whining about police indifference, an arrest was apparently made.

Once the extent of Mr. Snell’s injuries were discovered, the assailant was arrested.

We'll have to wait and see what shakes out. I wouldn't be surprised to find that Ed Snell got a little too bellicose for his own good and in his insane fervor to interfere with other people's private lives, the stupid fuck wandered off the edge of his platform and sucked pavement. Given that the foetus fetish movement is very keen on recording their heroic, personal intrusions and the offended reactions of those whose business they meddle in, I hope the police subpoena any and all video tapes and recordings made at the protest that morning. If indeed Mr. Snell did not suffer an assault as described, then I'll second the alleged statement of the receptionist from the clinic, he got what he deserved and he earned what he got.


KEvron said...

i couldn't find anything else on the ed snell affair, either, so i went looking in another direction....


KEvron said...

it's an epidemic, i tells ya!


JJ said...

OMG, I am splitting a gut, in tears, LMAO. Great research PSA, excellent post!

This guy has fetus signs in his yard??! Oh yeah, that sounds like something a reasonable person would do. These folks seem to be quite dainty and accident prone... maybe they should think twice about leaving the house at all.

Anyway, thanks, that made my day.

breakerslion said...

I think what we have here is another example of "lyin' fer Jezus." I will continue to think so until some reputable news agency (the kind that checks their facts) carries this story. I would love to write it up for them. "This just in. An obnoxious human being pushed one too many buttons today with his verbal abuse, and goaded a normally peaceful individual into commiting assualt. In other news, a group calling themselves the Post Partem Abortion Society has voluneered to correct the late Mrs. Snell's mistake.

LuLu said...

...displays pictures of aborted fetuses and other anti-abortion signs in his yard...

Wow. I mean really ... just wow. That's a hell of a thing to wake up to, PSA, you magnificent bastard. I nearly spit my latte all over the screen. Can you imagine living next to this drooling lunatic? Me neither.

BTW, Happy New Year - hope everyone had fun last night.