Monday, December 24, 2007


Heh. Indeed:

"What do we really know about human evolution? Even before this discovery, there was no clear evidence that any fossil was anything other than fully ape or fully human. Homo habilis was the closest thing to something that was in between, and that was because tools were found nearby and it was presumed that Homo habilis used them.

"What we are left with is more evidence of a fossil record reflecting sudden appearance and stasis, which does not support Darwinian theory, and arguably falsifies it."

First commenter:

"While we're at it, I think the fossil record suggests that these things were actually skeletons that lived underground."

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KEvron said...

""While we're at it, I think the fossil record suggests that these things were actually skeletons that lived underground."

just made the dealine for "funniest comment of 2007"! a priceless gem!


E in MD said...

Bah... skeletons living underground.

Everybody knows it's demons carving up rocks to look like bones and then burying them for the express purpose of confusing believers. I mean what else do demons have to do all day?

Something that cracks me up about this 'controversy' is that the wingnuts constantly complain about the 'holes' in evolutionary theory. Because we're missing data we need to throw the hole theory out because it's false.

Yet there is absolutely no information in the Bible about when the Christ was born. Yet it's celebrated on December 25th. OMG! Hole! If we use their own logic we should toss out the whole new testament.

Then of course there's the fact that a bat is not a bird. Rabbits do not chew their cud. Either Adam was created first then the animals were, or it's the other way around. You should love by enemy or kill them with no mercy. Either god knows all the children before they are born or children are completely worthless until they are a month old. Either god created alcohol to warm our hearts or alcohol is evil. The world is not flat nor is it covered by a big dome that holds back water. Nor does the earth remain stationary as the sun revolves around it.

I could go on for several hours pointing out the inconsistencies and outright falsehoods in their bible but would would be the point. They only give a damn about things that fit in their own agendas and forget everything else.

counter-coulter said...

Reading "Doctor Logic"'s comments on that thread where some of the most concise explainations of NDE that I've ever read. And "he" also manages to demonstrate why ID is such a hoax.