Monday, December 31, 2007

Dear Poppa Junk “Paul”:

Making sweeping generalizations like this piece of garbage merely reinforces the commonly held belief that you have not a hot fucking clue what you’re talking about.

(L)iberals insult soldiers each day in the media, on blogs, and on the street. They do it in primarily two ways. They treat soldiers as either victims or as felons.

It's just another way in which (L)iberals give comfort to the enemy.

Here’s a little challenge for you, “Paul”. I defy you to find three examples of respected liberal pundits, (bloggers, writers, columnists, are you with me?) calling soldiers “victims or felons”. The lunatic fringe doesn’t count, and no, astonishingly enough, they’re not the same thing.

I’ll counter it with three examples of respected conservative pundits writing about the Walter Reed scandal that doesn’t somehow blame the Democrats while excusing the real culprit – the Bush Administration.

Ready to put your money where your mouth is?

Still waiting. I guess Poppa Junker is too busy blogging about Muslims and monsters and ecophobes. Oh my!


Ti-Guy said...

I'm going to forward Paul Marek's egregious post to the CF and indicate that it's probably not a good a idea for the father of a CF member (if that whole story is indeed true) to be insulting Canadians like that.

That's my right to free expression, after all.

E in MD said...

(Con)servatives are the ones giving comfort to the enemy. What does the enemy want? They want to destabilize western governments. They want to hate all westerners so they can use us as the big satan boogie man and an excuse to create atrocities.

So here's the question: Did invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 make us look better in the eyes of the world? Did it make middle eastern Muslims love us? Revere us? Did it make them throw flowers at our feet?

No. It didn't. Despite whatever delusions Dick Cheney has. The war has generated MORE terrorists with better resources. Did we forget Al Qaa Qaa already?

If anything the (Con)servatives have energized the enemy and created a whole new generation of people to hate us and are willing to kill themselves in order to take a few of us with them. Mission accomplished!

So do us all a favor, Paul, get yourself a shotgun, load it up, put it in your mouth and pull the trigger. It is the best thing you can do for the world since you are too stupid to actually understand it.

That guy said...

Interestingly enough, the soldier he quotes, Mark Daily, is the one that Christopher Hitchens wrote about in Vanity Fair a while back. You know -- the kid who went to Iraq because he was a fan of the old Trotskyite himself.

Mattt Enss said...

Do posts or stories about what happened at Haditha count as accusing soldiers of being felons? Because I'm guessing that's the sort of thing "Paul" is talking about.