Sunday, December 30, 2007

Uh oh ... someone needs their nap.

Golly ... even the Blogging Tories can tell when Glorious Leader is getting a mite grumpy:

It seems to me, however, that Mr Harper is losing his own commitment to the Afghan mission; maybe he never really was that serious about it, imagining rather along the lines of Paul Martin that it wouldn't be that big a deal and would provide domestic political (remember that first visit to Kandahar in March 2006?) and international diplomatic rewards. The reality has proved rather different and difficult. Perhaps that's why the Prime Minister is so ineffective at "selling" the mission.

Why, yes, and it does appear that Prime Minister Grumpy McAngry is losing interest in his convenient, little designer war 'cuz, gosh darn it, it's just not going according to the script and people are getting killed and the voters are getting a tad restless and it just wasn't supposed to happen this way, was it, and where are the cheering crowds, he was promised cheering crowds, damn it! I mean, what the fuck, eh?

Then the fun starts when the commenters weigh in:

I don't agree Mark.I think what you are seeing is a PM who is getting frustrated fighting the enemies of this mission, both domestic and foreign.As a strategic thinker, I can only imagine the contempt he must feel for those who do not see why our prevailing in this conflict is so important.

Oh, dear. Apparently, it's your fault. You're not wearing that red shirt and you're not putting that yellow ribbon on your car and you have the temerity to disagree with your government. It's enough to make the baby Jesus cry, isn't it? And the bad craziness continues:

I can sense the frustration is because of the asinine questions put to him by the ever hateful reporters and journalists. It seems they have become stupid in their quest to "get Harper".

Those would, of course, be the same journalists that HM PM Grumpy will have nothing to do with. Yeah, it's a tough job, but someone has to avoid doing it.

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