Sunday, December 30, 2007

Fair and balanced: New York Times edition.

Shorter New York Times editorial page editor Andy Rosenthal: "We pride ourselves on having a genuine variety of opinions. For instance, with Paul Krugman, we have someone who isn't a talentless toad and ignorant, disreputable hack, so I figured ..."

Shorter Bill Kristol: "You traitorous, irredeemable bunch of ... why, thank you, you're too kind."

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Ti-Guy said...

This is really a new low for The New York Times. And really, I thought the last seven years of the Paper of Record were bad enough...what with Judith Miller, and Jason Blair.

Oh least we'll know that the alcoholic Kristol's assertions are always pulled out of his arse, unlike complete fabulists like Miller and Blair, who tried to pass themselves off as reporters.

Ann Coulter was right about one thing; it would have been better if Timothy McVeigh had gone after the New York Times building.