Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dear wanks: Here's why actual "dialogue" is not an option.

One of the more common whiny laments from the Canadian Retard-o-sphere is that we on the "Left" simply refuse to get into any sort of meaningful discussion with them. Instead, we childishly just sit over here and call them rude names, which just proves how utterly unequipped we are to have a substantive conversation on the issues. Mercifully, Stageleft explains why that position is absolute crap.

In a nutshell, those on the Right are, almost without exception, thoroughly uninterested in what we on the Left have to say and even go to the trouble of physically avoiding having to listen to it, as SL documents in his "Case the First":

(Interestingly, when I pointed all this out to the gentleman in question, with great civility, I was subsequently blocked from further comments).

Furthermore, I'm aware of numerous examples of Canada's progressives who show up at right-wing blogs and who try to get involved in the discussion to point out, say, flaws or inaccuracies in the original post, only to be contemptuously dismissed with infantile sputtering such as, "Oh, man, it sure is easy to yank their chain" or "Here come the unhinged moonbats again!". And, for sheer assholitude, there's always, well, this kind of snappy comeback. Yes, Brian, we all noticed you. Are you happy now?

Frankly, in all of the examples I've seen of progressives who pop by conservative blogs to try to have a conversation, I've yet to see a single example of said conservative replying along the lines of, "Hmmmmm ... you know, you have a point, I wasn't aware of that. I guess I was wrong." Not once. Ever. (Feel free to supply counter-examples.)

So what's the point in wasting any time trying to engage these yahoos? We've tried that, and it didn't work, so all that remains is to point out that they're dishonest, retarded fuckwits and continue to mock and ridicule them. And if they don't like that, well, they might consider treating their commenters with more civility and responding to the actual issues. And if they don't, well, then they really have no right to complain about being described as dishonest, retarded fuckwits, do they?


Red Tory said...

It’s rare that any concessions will be made by right-wing hosts to any points raised. They are just so fiercely partisan and rigidly ideological most of these BTs that you can’t even joke around with them. To give you one example, that JR guy (fellow Victorian, I’m sad to say) had posted about one of those political cruises… it was put on by The Nation, I think. He of course thought that would be an appalling way to spend a vacation, trapped on board a “ship of fools” or something of that nature. When I said that I’d rather spend four days sunning myself next to Katrina vanden Heuvel than Ezra Levant, he started berating me about my nic and saying that I had no right to call myself a “Tory” because I was a liberal, blah, blah, blah. What a tiresome pillock.

With respect to any serious arguments raised, they’re either ignored completely, deleted, or dismissed with a “Well, you might have a point but I still think that… [insert idiocy here]. So really, what’s the point?

Ti-Guy said...

Stageleft is still one my favourite blogs, but I had to give up commenting there because Balbulican and SL himself are the only people I know who have the patience and focus to engage the rightwingers so thoroughly that they present an irresistible challenge to the most entrenched, most practiced liars of them all. I ended up getting cancer of the soul from being exposed to them there.

I can't imagine these people behaving like that in real life; I certainly never come across any in real life...none that I would consider mentally stable, in any case.

Scotian said...

Game, Set, Match.

Anonymous said...

They are just so fiercely partisan and rigidly ideological most of these BTs that you can’t even joke around with them.
It's odd when you hear them bleating about dialogue how they actually handle discussion.

I've been over to CJ and posted some comments. For my efforts, I've had my post deleted and had Paul insult me. Now, if I had been snarly, I could understand. I think that he prefers to have fright-wingers comment instead of reasonable dialogue. The odd thing was that I actually agreed with him on one point - and he took offence...

For all their complaining, I've never seen Liberals act this way. Really, the BT are mostly retarded - and yes Ti-Guy, some are like this in person. dr roy is a true fuck in person - imagine his blog with less class...

E in MD said...

By and large, it is a waste of time to attempt dialog with these people. It became a waste of time the moment they decided to rename french fries to 'Freedom Fries' because the French warned us not to go to war. Despite the fact that there'd be no America if the French hadn't been keeping the Brits busy, and the fact that fries are frenched as in finely sliced and are actually Belgian in origin.