Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holy fuck -- the overwhelming stupid!

Try to believe that someone like Blogging Tory Brian Lemon could actually write this:

Some people have a pathological hatred of GWB which is kinda weird.

Yes, Brian ... why don't you lecture us on "pathological hatred?" Seriously, is it even possible to be less self-aware than that?

P.S. We have, in fact, already whacked the living crap out of Brian. Now I'm just going for bonus points.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing that this asswipe will continue to quote people such as Christopher Monckton. It's like they need to invent their "reality"...

The more I read BT, the more I'm convinced that they suffer from dementia...

Ti-Guy said...

Projecting is a sign of a personality disorder.

I don't hate Bush nearly as much as I hate Karl Rove, Dick Cheney or Stephen Harper. Bush is too cretinous to invite obsessive revulsion.

mikmik said...

You cunts at CC do not know vitriol.


Projecting is a sign of dime store psychologists.

I am worth five cents, not a dime more.

No person has equal rights, unless we all do.


mikmik said...

just because you post links does not mean I go comment. Yes it does..

Robert said...

Hey mikmik, got meds? Please take them.

E in MD said...

Ah yes, the ever popular Bush Derangement Syndrome excuse for why people don't all fall into line and beg to worship at the feet of the right wing's latest golden calf dictator.

Of course down here we call BDS, 'thinking'.

More troubling to me is Accepting Everything Bush Says and Does As Gospel Syndrome, because it leads to late night arrests for fun and profit, torture, kidnapping, lies, fraud, election fixing, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, wars of choice, thousands of casualties, and a President who could anally rape your mother on live TV while eating an aborted fetus and he'd still have 20% of the country saying, "At least he's not getting blowjobs!"

I see that as a major difference between those left of center and those on the right: We refuse to give these power to anyone whether the are on our team or not. Whereas the right just doesn't want anyone ELSE to have them.