Saturday, February 24, 2007

Intellectual relativism, as it were.

See, here's how it works. When a poll shows Stephen Harper's Republican Party leading the Liberals (in many cases by only a couple percentage points), there is, of course, much rejoicing and cheesecake eating in the Canadian dumbass-o-sphere.

On the other hand, when an overwhelming majority of Canadians suggest that they actually care about civil liberties, well, that only proves that 70.43% of Canadians are idiots.

Tune in tomorrow when Frank checks the news and decides on the spur of the moment whether he likes polls again.


M@ said...

My god, that guy is an idiot. He's railing on in another post about how the charter is the problem, that parliament is "our" power and should trump anything the charter says.

I guess they come out of the woodwork when a government like ours takes over. What an idiot.

Ti-Guy said...

He (and most of the Blogging Tories) are worse than idiots. They're idiot enablers. I see the same lunatic commenters responding to posts like this over and over again. That angry cretin "Kursk" thing is a piece of work.

The evil side of me really thinks these people need to learn first hand what ignoring the rule of law and rules of evidence really means.

As for the incoherence in believing several mutually exclusive propositions at the same time, well, that's just fundamental to rightwingers...their brains just don't function properly.