Friday, February 23, 2007

REAL Women of Canada: When evolution drops the ball.

Via Dave over at TGB, we learn how the rest of the animal kingdom works:

"Although tool use is known to occur in species ranging from naked mole rats [1] to owls [2], chimpanzees are the most accomplished tool users [3, 4, 5]. The modification and use of tools during hunting, however, is still considered to be a uniquely human trait among primates. Here, we report the first account of habitual tool use during vertebrate hunting by nonhumans."

When Pruetz and Bertolani were making their observations they discovered something even more amazing. While all the chimps hunted as a group, it was the females who selected the branch of a tree, trimmed it, sharpened it into a spear and then employed it as a weapon. The scientists have a reason for that. The females, being smaller and less powerful than the males, have employed a technical device to allow them to compete equally with the hunting males. In short, because the females do not possess the physical strength of male chimps, they use their brains to a greater degree than the males.

In short, the female chimps make up for their comparative lack of size and strength by being smarter, as opposed to REAL Women of Canada, who make up for their comparative lack of size and strength with their superior talent for incessant nagging and whiny insistence on male superiority.

REAL Women of Canada: When you can only aspire to the level of biological evolution of chimpanzees but, you never know, maybe there's still hope.

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