Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dear Blogging Tories: Your concern is underwhelming.

A recent referral to this blog comes from Tailrank, which has a page keeping track of a representative sample of bloggers who are blogging on the Canadian 9-year-old currently detained in Texas' Hutto detention centre. And a splendid cross-section of Canadian blogging it is: POGGE, MyBlahg, Liberal Catnip, Dr. Dawg, Hope and Onions, Jim Bobby, and so on.

Notice a pattern there? Why, yes ... yes, you do. "Lefties," every one of them. Not a Blogging Tory in the lot. Apparently, they're still too busy caring about the children to, well, care about the children.

Imagine my utter lack of surprise.

P.S. You'd think that fetus fetishist SUZANNE might spare a blog post or two for the plight of incarcerated children and mothers receiving sub-standard pre-natal care but, sadly, such is not to be. Apparently, obsessing over the unborn is a full-time job.

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