Tuesday, February 20, 2007

a river run red

We hear the woeful cries of those that squat and gobble, how we never see the good news from Iraq. They tell us that the media conspires against dear leader's noble cause. That it's freedom we hate and defeat that we crave. With chubby little fingers they point and they snide at every honest question as an attack from inside. Critical thought is for traitors and the truth is a whore, caught sleeping with the enemy in a time of illegal war. With every bit of venom in their snot crusted souls, they spin and they smear and they gild their sweet lies. To dissent is to give comfort, aid and succour to our foes. How dare we not confirm to what they pretend to know?

With fairy tales and yellow cake and never ending war, the pig folk gorge on spilling blood and squeal, they must have more. There can never be a substitute for the self righteous lust for death. Because pure failure is just victory that hasn't been declared. We're there to free those that they vilify, with every conservative breath. So salute the flag, support the troops and turn your backs on the wounded in want of care. Since when did we close the rape rooms, since when did the torture come to an end?

Riverbend alway makes me cry. This is the news we aren't hearing out of Iraq. These are the unvarnished stories from life on the ground in Iraq. Ruin and chaos, loss and fear painted in blood red, ghost white and corpse blue.

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Anonymous said...

The more I learn about it the more saddened I am by this war, our government's lies about it and the continued presence in Iraq. There are so many incidents of abuse that get either under-reported or not reported at all (until an American journalist with at least some small lingering sense of integrity picks up something from Al-Jazeera) that eventually DO get attention weeks or even months after the fact. By then it's too late to help most of the abused.

In a civilized society, it is supposedly the most helpless among us who are protected first. Footage from Iraq shows Iraqi women and children are just as likely to be tortured, violated and killed as men are.

I remember a video I saw a few weeks ago of some American soldiers who were supposed to be handing out bottled water making children run after their truck, laughing and taunting the children as they ran. The last child still running after the others had given up or fallen from exhaustion was rewarded with a bottle tossed into the dirt while the soldiers continued to laugh.

We never see good news because there is none to be reported.

Our forces are just as cruel as the terrorists, but we have yet to hear any conservative christians protesting such behavior.

Apparently it's okay as long as it's happening to 'the enemy' and our own people are the ones doing it.

And not hearing about it is okay too, as long as sticking one's head in the mud means you can continue to blindly accept every word your dear leader says as fact and protect your belief that we are doing the 'right thing' by the Iraqi people.