Friday, February 23, 2007

Why do the Blogging Tories hate Canada?

You know, you'd think that one of the things that makes Canada such an international role model is that, as a country, we have an inherent and fundamental sense of fairness and justice. You know, sort of like this:

The Supreme Court of Canada has struck down the security certificate system used by the federal government to detain and deport foreign-born terrorist suspects.

In a 9-0 judgment handed down Friday, the court found that the system, described by the government as a key tool for safeguarding national security, violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms...

The court said while it might not be arbitrary to detain the suspects in the first instance, it's arbitrary to continue the detention without a review for such a long time, she said.

You'd think it would be hard to argue against a fundamental civil right like this:

The court said the men, who are accused of having ties to al-Qaeda, have the right to see and respond to evidence against them.

You'd think that ... unless you were a Blogging Tory.

  • Socialist Gulag: "For the second time in a week the Liberal elites in this country provided aid & comfort to those who wish us harm all in the interest of maintaining slavish devotion to that damn charter."

  • Civitatensis: "Friends of Osama?"

  • Canadian Blue Lemons: "Who will rid us of these pestilent priests and protectors of the enemies of our society?"

  • Dr. Roy: " Canadians are less safe today thanks to the fiberals and the fiberal supreme court."

  • mesopotamia west: "Court in Bed with Terrorism."

Tune in next week when the same people who are utterly indifferent to perpetual incarceration based on secret evidence explain how gay marriage is a horrifying and intolerable affront to their civil rights.


Mike said...

My freedom and society is not threatened by Osama and Al Queda, it is threatened by those idiots. Cowards a fascists, the lot of them.

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

You gotta like the score, 9-0. I did not have the stomach to go looking for conservative reaction to the decision. They're not particularly gracious in defeat, are they? Nor in victory, come to think of it.

Ti-Guy said...

Dr. Roy is still using the word "fiberal?" What an utter moron.

ken said...

It is interesting that the right wing comments give no reasons just emotive rhetoric. I have found that many still think that Arar is a terrorist and that he was not tortured in Syria.

M@ said...

That that collection of retards don't give reasons, just rhetoric, should surprise no one.

And Dr Roy should know that Citoyen Fibrano$ is the correct slur of the day.

Anonymous said...

They're such rugged individualists, aren't they? Except for the monsters- under-the-bed part.

Lemon said...

Wow, your commenters avoid ad hominems like Britney avoided cameraa. Find this is real consistent with the reds - little debate lotsa labels.
Thanks for the link - one thing that the mostly CORF protects is free speech, so we are allowed by your holy charter to disagree with SCOC decisions, indeed with the existence of the Court all together.
Disagreeing with the makeup and decisions of the SCOC does not mean that BTs hate Canada.
I wonder how many BTers are veterans, who have been willing to risk their lives to protect freedom for people around the world. I wonder how many Libloggers are such. Among the bloggingroups, which group has evidenced their love of the country?

Ti-Guy said...

Brian, Brian, Brian...smarten up, already. I don't call the Blogging Tories names because I hate them; I call them names like "cretin," "moron" and "lunatic" because that's what most of them are.

The idiots highlighted here are reacting emotional to the reality of the laws of Canada (you know, that gorgeous country we all love) that they do not understand, nor care to. Talk about disprespecting the country.

As for veterans...are you one? Because if you're not, dragging up their experience to make a point is about the crassest, morally degenerate thing anyone can do.

croghan27 said...

"Disagreeing with the makeup and decisions of the SCOC does not mean that BTs hate Canada."

You are all sorts of correct there, Brain. Even if it seems they do 'hate', or are extremely upset that Canada is not what they want it to be.

The "go 'round" here is that they are democratically allowed to do that, just as those people they 'hate' are allowed to do/think/promote their vision. Both sides in this disagreement are locked into it by their very beliefs.

The side that isn't, THAT is the side that hates Canada.

The last line of your comment is the one that makes me nervous - in the US they all too frequently enagage in patriotic contests - "I love my country more that you. As defined by my military service."

That way lies madness .... stay with ideas.