Monday, February 19, 2007

The Blogging Tories and crickets: Part deux.

Having slashed funding to various social programs for allegedly not being cost-effective (or something like that), we read via My Blahg that Stevie Boy's Cons are in full pre-election, "spend like a drunken sailor" mode, to the point where even their regular supporters are starting to get a bit creeped out:

It's got small-c conservatives like John Williamson, director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, griping that the Conservatives have put on the backburner their commitments to paying down debt and broad-based tax relief.

"When it comes to spending and making announcements, the `new' government looks an awful lot like the old government," Williamson says.

He says the government has failed to keep its promises on two counts: it is not reining in spending growth, and it is "spending down the surplus" just as the Liberals used to do.

Which brings us to this week's CC reader challenge: be the first one on your block to find a Blogging Tory who dares criticize Dear Leader and his blatant attempt to buy votes. Remember, these are the same people who would be howling with blood-lust if a Liberal government were doing it. So ... who's going to be first Blogging Tory to stun and amaze us all and show some actual fiscal principle?

Call now -- the lines are open and operators are standing by.


MgS said...

Principles are something the Conservatives think apply to everybody else.

Olaf said...

I know of one...

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

CC, just to be clear - you're not holding your breath, right?

Olaf, is it you?

Anonymous said...

"Call now -- the lines are open and operators are standing by."

Don't you just hate it when you give your post a snappy title, and finish it off with a cool, pithy line like the one above...and then the second commenter in the damned door is one of the people you're trying to mock?

Jose said...

Bound by Gravity has been critical of the Tories. He's a non-partisan conservative whose writing I've got time for. And I'm sure he's not the only one.

But a good sized chunk are christian dominionist, demagogues. Too blinded by dogma and hate for the "other" to take a close look at their own side.

The truth is that the CPC doesn't really reflect the values of the hard right at all. But the hard right likes its charismatic leaders, can't stand irrelevancy and has nowhere else to go.

CC said...


I was referring specifically to Blogging Tories in this post, and BBG hasn't been a Blogging Tory for some time -- he left the BTs apparently due to an over-abundance of ethics and clear thinking.

And I will deal with Olaf and his pleasant fantasy world shortly.