Monday, February 19, 2007

The Blogging Tories and crickets: Part deux.

Having slashed funding to various social programs for allegedly not being cost-effective (or something like that), we read via My Blahg that Stevie Boy's Cons are in full pre-election, "spend like a drunken sailor" mode, to the point where even their regular supporters are starting to get a bit creeped out:

It's got small-c conservatives like John Williamson, director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, griping that the Conservatives have put on the backburner their commitments to paying down debt and broad-based tax relief.

"When it comes to spending and making announcements, the `new' government looks an awful lot like the old government," Williamson says.

He says the government has failed to keep its promises on two counts: it is not reining in spending growth, and it is "spending down the surplus" just as the Liberals used to do.

Which brings us to this week's CC reader challenge: be the first one on your block to find a Blogging Tory who dares criticize Dear Leader and his blatant attempt to buy votes. Remember, these are the same people who would be howling with blood-lust if a Liberal government were doing it. So ... who's going to be first Blogging Tory to stun and amaze us all and show some actual fiscal principle?

Call now -- the lines are open and operators are standing by.


MgS said...

Principles are something the Conservatives think apply to everybody else.

Olaf said...

I know of one...

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

CC, just to be clear - you're not holding your breath, right?

Olaf, is it you?

Anonymous said...

"Call now -- the lines are open and operators are standing by."

Don't you just hate it when you give your post a snappy title, and finish it off with a cool, pithy line like the one above...and then the second commenter in the damned door is one of the people you're trying to mock?

CC said...


I was referring specifically to Blogging Tories in this post, and BBG hasn't been a Blogging Tory for some time -- he left the BTs apparently due to an over-abundance of ethics and clear thinking.

And I will deal with Olaf and his pleasant fantasy world shortly.