Monday, February 19, 2007

"Whoops, I see we're all out of time here, darn it."

If there's one thing that distinguishes the Blogging Tories from, well, sane human beings, it's their jaw-dropping ability to be so biased, it's a fucking miracle they don't just fall over sideways.

Exhibit A would be one Jonathan Strong, who gets bent completely out of shape over a poor choice of words by one Barack Obama:

In his first major slip-up, Barack Hussein Obama labeled the lives of soldiers who have been killed in Iraq "wasted". Barack quickly caught himself and said that soldiers who give their lives are never wasted.

And what conclusion does Jonathan draw from this? The obvious one, of course:

The fact is, Democrats loathe the military and most are pacifists who oppose war in any circumstance.

Now, keeping in mind Jonathan's obvious outrage over a matter of words, let's drop by AmericaBlog, where John and company are running a whole slew of articles, exposing the horrific treatment of America's veterans by the Bush administration. Just start at the top and start scrolling -- it won't take long to get the general idea.

So one can ask the obvious question -- if Jonathan is this infuriated by simple words, what can we expect to hear from him regarding the appalling treatment of disabled veterans by the GOP? Here, let me open the bidding -- nothing. Because to hacks like Jonathan, "support the troops" is a convenient catchphrase, to be pulled out only to beat Democrats with. It has nothing to do with actually, you know, supporting troops.

Or hadn't you noticed yet?

A COUPLE MORE SWIFT BOOTS TO THE NADS: It's almost cruel, but let's expose Jonathan for the sleazy, dishonest wank that he is, shall we?

First, he demonstrates his immaturity by referring to Obama with his full name, "Barack Hussein Obama." Gosh, Jonathan, that's so adorable -- making sure people notice that Obama has the middle name of "Hussein." You know, that was marginally entertaining the first 2,000 times a right-wing hack wrote it. Now, it's getting really old, know what I mean? Even 8-year-olds can figure out when a joke is getting stale. But that's not the best part.

Jonathan also writes:

This is the typical damage control done by Democrats. Just like John Kerry saying that if you don't go to school you end up in Iraq.

Except that anyone who paid even half attention to that controversy knows exactly what Kerry was trying to say, and it's only lying, dishonest hacks like Jonathan who, to this day, insist on deliberately misunderstanding it.

And as for Jonathan's deluded fantasy that all Democrats hate the military ...

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Anonymous said...

obama is totally getting the smartass vote if he wins this thing. but rightwingers co-opt vets and the war dead all the time. it's disgusting. as if they occupy some sort of moral high ground when in fact they are impugning the reputations of the war dead just by mentioning them in their squeaky tinny little voices. ugh. conservatives. i really can't stand them. can anyone? stinky little farty pantzes.