Friday, February 23, 2007

In other news, Satan was seen ice skating to work.

And in the third installment of the National Post's series on bidirectional religious conversions, we have a quite reasonable accounting from Christian-turned-atheist Michael O'Shaughnessy, which can mean only that we have one day before we get to read a representative sample of angry, spittle-flecked submissions to the letters section from the outraged devout.

Let the paralogia begin. Wingnuts, start your engines.


Anonymous said...

"..we get to read a representative sample of angry, spittle-flecked submissions.."

Are you the pot or the kettle? Weren't you "done" with the Post and religion just yesterday because they were not balanced enough for you? Are you man enough to actually come out and admit you were wrong, in those words?

CC said...

Why, yes, frizell, I was wrong. I mean, what part of my admission that this was "a quite reasonable accounting" are you stumbling over?

Anonymous said...

It's plain to see that the reason Michael got published is that he's easily dismissed by the typical Post readership. He says his father is Irish and his mother is an immigrant from the Philippines. He's obviously incapable of thinking clearly under those circumstances. Then again, I wonder if Michael purposely stuck those facts in there in an attempt to increase his chances of getting published, knowing the mentality of the Post community.

Michael said...

I stuck those in there because I often find it ironic that, having parents from two famously Catholic countries, I am not some hyper-Catholic whose power is greater than the sum of its parts. Unfortunately, religion is not like Voltron. I think I'd enjoy church more if it was.

(I get the head)