Saturday, February 24, 2007

Your daily Wankerpedia™.

This has potential for endless entertainment. How about:


A pagan is someone who beleives [sic] in false gods.

I can't wait for the entry on Ted Haggard. They could just save time and use this one.


Chimera said...

"False gods." Heh. As opposed to "true gods" I suppose.

Any suggestion as to how they go about detecting which gods are false? Some kind of metaphysical lie detector, maybe?

Ah...the slow-loading link just opened. And I see they think that Muslims don't beleive (sic) in Jesus... this link for real? Or is it maybe another version of Landover Baptist Church? From what I've been able to figure out so far, I'm leaning toward the latter explanation. After all, nobody could be that stupid!

Could they?

Anonymous said...

As a Pagan, I have to say...that definition leaves a lot of things out. (lol).

I wonder why it is that a pair of loving, balanced (as in BOTH male and female) deities are false, while their vengeful, hateful and misogynistic god personifies truth?

It is to laugh.

PS - CC, I know how you feel about people posting here without identifying themselves, and I hope you don't mind me doing so without leaving a link. Jinx has been harrassing (stalking) me and in spite of repeated requests to go away he refuses to leave me alone, so I relocated my blog and am reluctant to link to it.

Mike said...

According to the entry Muslims are pagans, because they don't believe in Jesus...except they do and revere him as a prophet, like Mohamed, merely not the LAST one. Jesus is known as Issa in the Koran.

It's fun watching idiots be idiots, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

You guys are as stupid as always. Look who created that article: "OrelP." Ever watch Adult Swim? Specifically "Moral Orel?" The main character's full name is "Orel Puppington." You got duped by someone on your side trying to dupe the site. Hilarious!