Friday, February 23, 2007

Stephen Harper: Learning well from his Republican masters.

Give PM Stephen Harper credit -- he's a quick study:

But Harper, who was accompanied by family members of victims of the Air India bombings into question period Thursday, ...

If that sounds vaguely familiar, well, it should:

In the fine tradition of George W. Bush standing under the "Mission Accomplished" sign, or any one of the Katrina backdrops (where no expense was spared to bring power to an area for a photo op, and then just as quickly cut off), we now have the head of the NRCC, Tom Reynolds, using small prop children as set decoration in a press conference devoted to the topic of…yes, predatory online sexual solicitation of minors.

Stephen Harper: a credit to his GOP handlers. I'm guessing another gold star is already in the mail.

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Ti-Guy said...

It never ceases to amaze me how Conservatives, who I always thought prized emotional stoicism, respond so easily to showy displays of sentimentality, no matter how exploitative, gratuitous and innapropriate.

They really aren't Canada's Tories anymore, are they?